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St. James Festival (2011)

Julie and I volunteered to chair the Goldfish booth this year, our first time volunteering at the festival. We both worked it …

The Harp Family (click for more pics)

Put In Bay, 2011!!

Family vacation #3, and we made a repeat visit to Put In Bay and stayed about 4 doors down from where we …

Yep, she's really into the game!

Soccer, Ava’s First Season

Early in the spring, before monsoon season struck, we signed Ava up for soccer with the WOAC. She waffled between excited and …

Container Gardening (2011)

I tried some halfhearted gardening last year, and it did not go well. I think there were 2 problems. First, I didn’t …

Another Pink Egg

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We dye eggs every year, something to do for a couple hours on a rainy weekend this year.

Cheep, cheep!

Easter Egg Hunts

We hit the Mercy HS egg hunt and then the one at Harvest Home. The latter was pretty weak; they didn’t have …