Put in Bay Vacation, # 127

Another year, another fun (but cold) trip to Put in Bay. Stayed at the Put-in-Bay Resort, the best place in town! The only downside this year was the weather, it was in the 60s both days we were there. That’s extra cold when you’re driving a golf cart around! And we only stayed 2 nights, which turned out to not be long enough.

3 nights is the sweet spot. The best case with kids is you arrive in the late afternoon, so that first night is all about getting settled in. Great night to grill out, and just lounge around. Then you’ve got 2 full days to explore the island and have some fun. That 4th day is all about packing up and heading out, as long as it’s not a Sunday the ferry shouldn’t be crazy so if you get out by noon or so you’re home in time for dinner.

This was the first time we’ve done a winery up there, we hit the place right by the Boardwalk and really loved their Celebration wine! Also the first time we’ve done the Miller Ferry, much cheaper than the Jet Express and seemed to get us there just as quickly. Below is a picture of the winery, click through for more vacation photos!