New Toilet Upstairs!

Last night Ava spotted a spider behind the toilet, and after working up the bravery to go get it, I went reaching around back there. No spider but I bumped a bolt and water started leaking, never a good sign. After some investigation, the culprit was essentially old age. 3 bolts held the bowl to the seat, and one nut had come loose and I guess due to a very slow drip slowly rusted with the bolt into one blob. I tried the mini hacksaw, but just no room to operate and after fighting it for a half hour the seal on the other two bolts broke so that was the end for our 1981 toilet!

For a replacement, my father-in law recommended the AS Champion series. He owns 3, primarily because they claim you can flush a whole bucket of golf balls down them!. The way the kids use TP we’re going to test that claim.

Pics below, installation was pretty easy. Took me about 2 hours to take out the old and put in the new.

Old Toilet

New Toilet