Container Gardening (2011)

I tried some halfhearted gardening last year, and it did not go well. I think there were 2 problems. First, I didn’t make a dedicated space for planting, just kind of planted along the side of the house in some areas. Second, the soil around here is full of clay and I didn’t invest in any kind of fertilizer or planting soil.

Fast forward to this past weekend, we were up at White Oak Garden and I saw an Earth Box for sale and thought that might a better way to ease into the gardening thing. But they’re kind of expensive, which goes against my idea of “easing into gardening,” so I started looking for ways to build my own and voila! Of course, ours are pink!

The pantyhose-wrapped tupperware containers filled with dirt go in those 2 holes
Here's the whole thing, minus a lid
Still need to cut holes in the lid, but otherwise ready to roll!

I actually built two of these, one for Lily and another for Ava. We’ll go pick plants this weekend or next and get our green thumb on!

Picking Our Plants

Ava's Garden - Bell Peppers & Cucumbers

Lily's Plants - Tomatoes & Bell Peppers

Early June Update

Things are growing well!