Put In Bay Vacation

Family vacation #2, not as much fun as Disney but we still had a good time! We had to go up near Cleveland for a wedding in late July, so we figured we’d make a vacation out of it. We spent 2 days in Put In Bay, at the Put-in-Bay Resort and loved it! We had a huge, 3-story condo there and it was just the 5 of us.

We finished the trip at Cedar Point and it was so-so. We did a night pass, so only spent ~4 hours in the park. Park was fine, some of the new coasters look pretty cool (we were stuck on the tea cups!) but otherwise the experience sucked. The Hotel Breakers absolutely sucked! $250 for the night, and our room was very small with a 20″ piece-o-crap TV. The kids were zonked by 9:30, would have been nice to watch some TV…

Pics are here!