Accounting is Done!

I only have to take one accounting class to graduate, and I just wrapped up the final tonight. Lucky for me, I had a great teacher that wasn’t interested in the technical details but rather focused on the high-level concepts. I actually considered switching to accounting in college, but at this point I’m never going to be a CPA so I’m not very interested in learning the cr/dr details. Instead, we focused on being able to understand financial statements, which is interesting as an investor!

Our professor was previously a higher-level exec at P&G and he had several CFO types come into class to talk, most of them had been pretty high-up in Fortune 500 companies. And they all said they hated it. We all think it would be awesome to make the kind of money that Jeff Immelt does (for example) but I doubt many are willing to work the hours he has/does to get there.