A lesson in Marketing

I went out for lunch yesterday, and I’m thinking I’ll just pick up a sandwich and eat that with the chips back at my desk. I’m trying to eat healthier, and fries are horribly bad for you…

I was debating between McDonald’s and Wendy’s. They’re both fast food, but McDonald’s is an extra half-mile away so Wendy’s it is! Or at least I thought… I’m about to turn left and I can’t. All I can think of is how horribly bad their food is for you, and how McDonald’s would be healthier. I ended up at McDonald’s, which is a pretty good case-study in marketing because I’ve never like their food. But I have been eating their off and on for a few months. Contrast that with the fact that before 2008 I had not been to a McDonald’s in at least 10 years. I even watched Super Size Me about 3 months ago and it didn’t change my opinion of McDonald’s one iota. The only possible explanation is marketing (Lovin’ It!), and the constant drumbeat of negativity that has forced McDonald’s to respond with healthier food claims.

To compare my perception to reality, I decide to lookup the nutrional info.

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken: 440 calories, 16g fat, 46g carbs & 1300mg of sodium

McDonald’s Premium Crispy Chicken Club: 630 calories, 28g fat, 60g carbs & 1420mg of sodium

There ya go, almost 50% more calories and 25% more carbs at McD’s. Wendy’s needs a better ad agency!