Greatest Show on Earth!

Julie’s Dad took us and the girls to the circus this morning! It was a little too loud for the girls at times, but we all had fun. We even kept Joe from buying them any exorbitantly priced junk toys, which surprised us. One of the great things about living where we do is that we’re 15 minutes from downtown, so going to these events isn’t a big production where we have to pack snacks or worry about potty breaks. We just put on the coats, hop in the car and we’re there!

Ava watched most of the circus with her hands over her eyes, peeking through. That is, except when the horses and elephants came out and then she was really loving it. Lily liked the horses and the poodles the most, I think. The tigers were kind of interesting, you couldn’t pay me enough money to be the trainer in that ring with them! It was obvious that they were really pissed and not very interested in working. Anytime the trainer got close to one or turned his back they were swiping at him. Lots of growling and the typical “angry cat” look with the head up and teeth showing.

It ran about 15 minutes longer than I would have liked but it was certainly a good time for the girls.