The Last Hurrah?


For the past 4 or 5 years I’ve gone out to GDC with Seapine, to man the booth and talk up the company and our solutions. With the baby coming in May, there’s no family vacation this year so Julie decided to tag along on this trip as a “last escape” before chaos sets in.

Her parents watched the kids, while we spent 4 days on the west coast! Unfortunately, it was cold (~40s) and rainy the whole time but we both had a lot of fun. With the conference and handling office stuff I was basically working 12 hours days so dinner was really the only chance we had to hang out together, but Julie made it to Muir Woods and Alcatraz and did a lot of walking around the city, which she enjoys. I have a college buddy who just finished up his Phd there so it’s always good to reconnect with him, and he took us around the city Friday night before we had to catch the redeye back to Cincy.

All in all, a good time and well worth the pain that airtravel these days can cause (cancelled flight, lack of decent food, both of which we experienced).