I passed!!


Since I’ve been out of school for a while and didn’t take many business classes for my undergraduate, X is making me take a bunch of foundation classes. Stuff like Micro, Macro, Accounting, Finance, Stats, etc…

These classes are pretty easy, but they run 6-9:30; I’m completely fried by 9. Plus, they cost money! So I got to thinking, I already follow the economy and know a lot about personal finance, how hard can these Micro/Macro classes be? X offers you one chance to basically take an AP-type test to test out of each class and last week I signed up to take the Micro exam.

4 days of cramming later, and I passed! This is incredibly cool, the class ends up costing me $50 instead of $1300 and lets me get into the “real” classes sooner!!! So, I’m pyshed. I had to take a half-day since the exam took 2 hours, so to enjoy the moment I went to see AVP2. It was better than expected, and actually better than the first one; I recommend it!